Transparency is our culture

Our mission is simple: provide you convenient access to the best online products to try before you buy.

Honest Showroom is the solution bringing top online products in the Tech, Sleep and Fitness verticles - offline to try - in one enjoyable showroom.

Honest Showroom does not rate, rank or review any products. 

We proudly display the rankings from authority review sites such as Consumer Reports, Which, Amazon, Sleep Sherpa, GoodBed and other in market authority websites.

It's important to note that although we respect the mission that Mr. Ryan Monahan, the owner and operator of Honest Mattress Reviews (HMR) ( has defined, we are a separate business entity and governed by different revenue models.  Mr. Monahan is not an owner of Honest Showroom.

We, Honest Showroom, do not have access to the facebook traffic of pixeled audiences derived from HMR.

Our featured partners are not owners or operators of our store.  We've personally vetted the Sleep Sherpa in Minnesota and Real Mattress Reviews.  If you're in their local area we recommend strongly visiting their showrooms.